Don’t Just Survive… YOU CAN THRIVE!!

Don’t Just Survive; YOU CAN THRIVE!!

Life is for living, and you find it in giving!”

“Adjust your sails, and the same wind that is driving

you one way can drive you the other!”

(Business Coach: Juanita Stauffer)

Life is getting more difficult as the years go on. We see it and feel it in increased prices, increased tensions, media-reported crime, and continual political corruption….the list could go on. But let’s not focus on that; let’s choose to steer our ship in another direction and believe others will follow suit…and believe the tide can turn, even at this hour!

There are two perspectives which will affect your whole life, relationships, and future: survival mentality or a “thriver” mentality. These attitudes don’t change the reality of what you are facing, but they do have the potential to change the outcome. We all have seen or read the amazing stories of those who were raised in poverty who have risen in prosperity, the ones who were abused becoming persons of influence, etc. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week….it’s how we use it that makes the difference. We all have been handed a package of unchangeable components for our lives, and continue to be handed those; no problem – simply adjust our sails, and the same wind that is driving us one way can just as easily drive us the other direction!

Let’s briefly examine these two outlooks and make a choice:

THE SURVIVOR - Here are some of the survivor’s thoughts: “I don’t have what it takes to get the job done; others have it better than me; I am barely making it; there isn’t enough for everyone, so I had better grab my share while I can; disaster is coming; oh, no!!!” This person is defeated before they even begin. Sometimes the greatest source of failure is self-annihilation. What we speak tends to be what happens; what we think in our hearts is what we become! The survivor will reach, grab, hoard, covet, and never have enough (in his mind). It is a life of negativity and little joy. All this person can see and focus on is what is right in front of them; the future is filled with fear and danger.

THE THRIVER – This individual sees things in a different light, even difficult things: “This problem just gives me the chance to learn something new; that mistake is one I won’t need to make again; because of that setback, I became a stronger person; that roadblock averted my path to this goldmine which I would not have otherwise discovered; Yay! What is going to happen today?!!” The expectation of adventure and opportunity around each corner is not living in denial; it is interpreting life through a different lens. It is not lying about the pain involved; it is simply not giving it a place of influence. The one who thrives is also a giver, generous to others who are seeking to move forward. He/she stewards well what they have been given and acquired, but they also hold it loosely – it doesn’t define them! Their sites are set beyond what is immediately in front of them. Theirs is a happy heart, a free heart!

So which direction are you moving?