About Us

Destiny Business Coaching/Consulting was built on the conviction that within each individual is a God-given destiny, accompanied by unique giftings and abilities. These unique motivations and callings can remain hidden and uncultivated if not discovered and pursued. It is our desire that both individuals and their businesses would rise to their fullest potential. We long for each individual to discover and move in their unique strengths given by God, and in this way bring life, hope, and vitality to both themselves and the world around them.

Juanita Stauffer, owner and founder of Destiny Business Coaching & Consulting, has personally experienced the results of pursuing the passion and principles of God-given destiny. Her childhood was built solidly on the principles of integrity, hard work, and putting God first. Her early interests in life were to be either an educator or a missionary, but mid-life God allowed her to stumble upon her calling to the business world. That revelation, along with the rapidly growing and unfolding ability as an administrative assistant took her by surprise. Then in 2015,  God confirmed Juanita's call to the nations and directed her to start her own business, even giving the name and logo to her.

In January of 2016 Destiny Business Coaching was born. At first it functioned primarily to assist businesses in administrative type needs. Then mid-year, God directed Juanita to focus in on her God-given design and gifting and channel the business along more prophetic aspects, interceding and breaking through barriers in the spiritual world to effect change in businesses, as well as assisting others to discover and maximize their own individual calling and destiny. This remains the focus and passion of Destiny Business Coaching today!