Prophetic Intercession & Support - 1 Hr Coaching

Prophetic Intercession & Support - 1 Hr Coaching

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Destiny Business Coaching offers specialized, as-needed support to business owners, bringing a supernatural impact on their lives, providing specific and personal revelation from God for their situation which removes obstacles to their success and releases the favor of God on their business and personal lives.

The favor of God is what is needed in our businesses. It is the supernatural power of God which sets a business apart from its peers and gives insight unavailable otherwise. Unfortunately in our lives, homes, and business properties there has at times been history which has given the enemy legal right to bother, hinder, and even stop the flow of God's blessing. This is not because God does not have the power, but because we are ignorant of what is going on in the unseen world, and what stands in the way of our success. At times He waits for us to acknowledge who He is and what His plans and promises are, to call Him to battle, to seek Him for the blessing, and to wait on His revelation to remove the obstacles. As we surrender to and welcome in His Lordship, we will experience an overflow of blessing in our lives and business that is unexplainable.

This support is available in hour sessions together (on phone or in person) where we dialogue and seek God's revelation together. The results of these sessions have been phenomenal (see the testimonial page).



*Priced by the hour